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Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V RR Electric Guitar Reviews | Purchase Online


    • Vibrato is of Vintage-style.
    • The body is contoured with Solid alder.
    • Hardware & Electronics is of Pro-level.

DESCRIPTION-Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V RR Electric Guitar Online

Pacifica electric powered guitar, pink raspberry. Yamaha Pacifica guitars are well known for amazing tone and exquisite playability. They characteristic comfort- contoured bodies, bolt-on neck designs, vintage-style vibratos, and five-manner switching of the H-S-S pickup configuration.

Item Weight                  11.9 pounds

Product Dimensions    47.8 x 17.9 x 4.1 inches

Shipping Weight           12 pounds 

  • Construction is Bolt-on.
  • Scale Length is 25-1/2 inches.
  • Fingerboard is of Rosewood
  • Radius: 13-3/4″
  • Frets are 22.
  • The neck is Maple.
  • Tuners are Diecast.
  • The bridge is of Vintage Tremolo with Block Saddle.
  • Pickups are Alnico V Single x 2, Alnico V Humbucker x 1.
  • Pickup Switch is 5-Position Lever.
  • Pick Guard is 3-Ply White/Black/White.
  • Master Volume, Master Tone with Push-Pull Coil Tap Switch are CONTROLS.
  • COLOR is Raspberry Red.
Yamaha PAC112V RR Electric Guitar Red Raspberry Reviews
Buy Yamaha PAC112V RR Electric Guitar Red Raspberry Online

ALICO V PICKUPS: Alnico V magnets are used for each unmarried coil and humbucker to deliver a clean strumming tone with right projection plus a good sound that does not get buried in the ensemble.

COIL TAP FEATURE: A coil faucet function at the rear humbucker gives you a can provide a huge variety of tonal possibilities, from difficult distortion to an edgy unmarried coil tone. A transfer within the tone knob permits short switching between humbucker and unmarried coil tone. Placing the pickup selector to the 4th role automatically selects the coil faucet function that offers a clean halftone from the pair of singles.

BLOCK SADDLE VINTAGE TYPE TREMOLO: The block saddle type antique tremolo gives awesome operation. The heavy block type saddle offers wealthy maintain and deep tone.

RICH MOUNT REAR PICKUP: Just like the top quit PACIFICA models, the rear pickup is mounted at once to the body. This configuration captures frame resonance, delivering more dynamic tone in place of pickguard mounting.

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