Buy Yamaha TRBX174EW Mango Wood Bass Guitar Online

Yamaha TRBX174EW Mango Wood 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Natural Reviews | Purchase Online


  • Scale Length- 34” (863.6mm)
  • Neck- Maple
  • Radius- 10” (250mm) Nut Width: 40mm
  • Body- Mango
  • Covered Bridge- Vintage Style
  • Pickups- Split Coil x 1, Single Coil x 1″
  • Neck- Maple.
  • Fingerboard- Sonokeling.
  • Radius-1” (25mm).
  • Nut Width- 4mm.

Yamaha TRBX174EW Guitar Review

Yamaha is best recognised for their pianos and keyboards. In relation to stringed gadgets, their acoustic guitars by using ways their first-class representatives. But, their basses are a force to be reckoned with. At the same time as they may be now not flashy, they are recognised to get the process accomplished and deliver the fine feasible overall performance while you need it the most.

What is even higher, identical is going for their low priced line of bass guitars. The only we’re looking at today is the Yamaha TRBX174. This primary model brings everything Yamaha’s bass guitars are regarded for – great, consistency, and overall performance. With that in mind, it’s no marvel many say it’s most of the first-class basses underneath $two hundred at the moment. Take a look at out our personal listing to see who its most important competitors are.


The frame of the Yamaha TRBX174 is the same one you can discover at the rest of the TRBX line. The layout itself is quite well balanced and comfy to use. Tonewood of preference for this model is Alder, which will be the identical kind of wooden that Fender uses for the maximum in their guitars. In a manner, this also performs a position within the sound of TRBX 174. The neck is a widespread maple unit with a rosewood fretboard that we are used to seeing on this segment of the marketplace. Standard, Yamaha TRBX174 appears quite proper all things considered, especially if you go for the Old Violin Sunburst finish.

Buy Yamaha TRBX174EW Mango Wood Bass Guitar Online
Buy Yamaha TRBX174EW Mango Wood Bass Guitar Online

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In phrases of hardware, the situation is more or less as one would assume. We were given that flush vintage fashion bridge that comes with four absolutely adjustable saddles, and a set of die-solid tuners on the headstock. For the most element, the entire setup works flawlessly. The tuners are respectable enough and maintain the tuning just great beneath everyday circumstances, despite the fact that when you are coping with bass guitars in this rate range, tuners are something that you must bear in mind upgrading someplace in the destiny. As it’s far, the hardware is good enough for just about something you could consider.

Buy Yamaha TRBX174EW Mango Wood online
Buy Yamaha TRBX174EW Mango Wood online


Yamaha TRBX174 is every other version that brings the J bass setup with that more unmarried coil within the bridge role. The pickups on this precise bass have a terrific amount of definition and variety. They are controlled via your trendy controls, which consist of the Tone knob, and quantity knobs for every pickup. The pots themselves are quite respectable, providing excellent monitoring and sufficient remarks for brief adjustments.

Yamaha TRBX174EW guitar reviews
Yamaha TRBX174EW guitar reviews


The sound is via far the pleasant element about this Yamaha. The one’s pickups offer an outstanding range of sharp, punchy mids with crisp trebles when you need that thump. However, roll that tone knob in the other course and you get a totally smooth and fast tone ideal for riding rhythms. You gained it, have hassle playing any style of song with TRBX174. It just suits in everywhere.


Yamaha has confirmed once again why their basses are held in such an excessive regard. Bang for the buck, this TRBX174 beats a great majority of the models in its price variety. On the pinnacle of that, it a great looking axe. All matters considered, you may cross wrong with this specific bass guitar.

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